Thursday, 22 April 2010


I've been watching the election and Nick Clegg has me hopeful. So I thought I'd put up some yellow things in support. To start here's a yellow box fish- I saw some when I went diving in Australia ages ago and they're so cute and funny looking.

My friend Henry had a beatle like this when we were in 6th form. It's bubble-sounding engine noise was fantastic.

I've got a print of this on my wall- I love it. You'll have to ignore the blueness- because of the amount of sand, I'm gonna interpret the yellow overwhelming the blue. Oh yeah!

I have this fabric in bright yellow waiting to be turned into something delicious. This version only has a little yellow on it but it counts nonetheless!
I think this is pretty. I imagine it to be fairly petite and intricate and therefore quite lovely. :)

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