Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ja, I'm posting about floors...

My brother and I have to replace the floors in the flat as they're water-damaged. So we're looking at what to get.

The above are black gloss floorboards apparently, though I think they look blue. Never gonna happen in our little basement flat but I like this pic and its blue hue.

This would be cool if if it wasn't so bumpy. And minus the girly pink.

I like this floor, as posted on House of Turquoise. It's like a beach hut.

None of these floors are really what I'm after though- I think I'd like smart and lucious dark wood with cream walls and non-shiny skirting. Dark-ish, not black. And I'd like little fairy floor people to come and dry all the floors and fit new ones while I'm sleeping one night.

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